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 AUGUST 2007


Wireless Tire/Temp Gauge
  • You can use the SuperData 4 system on your car, trailer or tow vehicle on the way to the track
  • Standard feature of vehicle power or battery power system
  • The system easily transfers to your race machine easily adapted to karts
  • You can easily switch the system from your practice tires to your race tires or to your rain tires
  • Quickly check your temperatures and pressures in your pits or on the pre grid before entering the track
  • Monitor the pressures and temperatures on the warm up lap
  • Make sure the temperatures and pressures are up to your needs before you start pushing the vehicle, avoid those cold tire, lap one wrecks
  • Manage your tires optimum temperature and pressure settings. If your  pressures and temperatures are higher than spec you can adjust your pace for optimum performance and grip. SuperData 4 is highly recommended for endurance races
  • Great for watching the pressures after hitting track debris
  • If the vehicle feels loose or pushing check if you have a tire going down
  • Instant audible deflation alarm and visual warning  warns you of that puncture and which tire is down, this could well save you from contact with the wall or other collisions

 JUNE 2007


What does Grosse Ile, flying, and speed have in common?  Karting!

On June 2nd and 3rd the Michigan Kart Club Inc. hosted their first, and hopefully annual, Grosse Ile Grand Prix at the historic Grosse Ile airport.

MM Racing drivers Todd Jones and Rob Knipe, along with pit crew Lisa, Gary and Carolyn showed up for some long straights, fast corners and crazy fun.  Rob and Todd signed up for KT100 Can (called piston port) and TaG classes.

Saturday was a fantastic practice day and we had loads of fun. But Saturday brought rain and after the first heat race in TaG, races were delayed. When the rain hit, it didn't hold anything back; tents went flying, people got soaked and you could hear the karts getting pelted with heavy rain as driver, and pit crews, tugged karts away and ran for cover. 

At noon it didn't look good, so Todd and Carolyn packed up the trailer and went home, while Rob, Lisa and Gary stayed to wait it out.  Well, the wait paid off for Rob.

Rob took 1st in the KT100 class and 2nd in the TaG class.

Congrats Rob!

Thank Amy Hogg www.aplusphotography.net for the photos.

 MAY 2007


MM Racing is proud to announce that we are now an authorized dealer of Scorpion helmets, a superior quality, cost-efficient product line. 

Couple this with Scorpion's dedication to evolving their product line and you get products like the exo1000, with HelmetPump™ that permits a rider to personalize fit through air adjustable cheek pads and SpeedView™ retractable sun visor.

Check out our online store.

 APRIL 2007

The warm, April weather urged several MM Racing karters to hit the road Saturday 4/21 and head out to Fremont Raceway in Ohio.  The first venture of the season was to warm up the karts, which along with the drivers, needed some help to be ready for racing.  Todd Jones, President & CEO MM Racing, Bob Dingleday, a long-time MM Racing customer, and Eric Christian, a friend and Todd's and part-time employee of MM Racing, hit the track.


Eric jumped in the MMR-TaG chassis w/PRD 125cc motor for his first time karting.  Nearly 29HP for a new karter!  Well, he kept the chassis on the track and won some respectBob had some issues with another karter running into him, he is like a magnet when it comes to people hitting his kart, but he survived the dayTodd got his engine working well and pulled in top times of 23.25 for the day with his KT100 and super-can exhaust.  Not fantastic, but it beat his previous personal best.

A second trip on Saturday 4/28 with Todd Jones, Robert Knipe, Senior Instructor, and Bob, got the karts in line. 

Bob was the most improved for the day, pulling in his best times ever at the track, not to mention he didn't get hit by other karters. 

Rob came away with the best times of the day with his KT100 and super-can exhaust, breaking the 23 second barrier several times and lowering his times with a personal best of 22.89.  Congrats Rob! 

Todd found that being fast, hitting a personal record of 23.19, doesn't do much good if you can't keep the kart on the track.  Did we mention that these karts are for track use only and shouldn't be taken 4-wheeling!


MM Racing is proud to announce that we are now an premier authorized purchaser of RLV kart products.  RLV is known for their exhaust, sprockets and other great products.


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