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MM Racing is proud to welcome our newest team member, Bridget Kruse.

"MM Racing is experiencing rapid growth," says President & CEO Todd Jones, "and we can not allow ourselves to veer off the course that has supported our growth; excellent customer service."

In our continual quest to provide quality customer service, MM Racing has established a high-level Sales & Marketing position.  This position is dedicated to the "customer experience."  Bridget will be performing sales, customer care follow-ups, creating marketing strategies, as well as being a key member in MM Racing's day-to-day activities.

"I am thrilled to bring over a decade of customer service experience to MM Racing," says VP Sales & Marketing Bridget Kruse.  "I know that top quality service is imperative for a company to prosper and experience continuous growth.  The enthusiastic and professional atmosphere at MM Racing will be a refreshing environment to work in.  I look forward to establishing business relationships with customers and dealers in the karting industry."

Join us in welcoming Bridget Kruse as MM Racing's VP Sales & Marketing.

If you would like to contact Bridget directly, she can be reached at: bkruse@mmracingkarts.com

 JULY 2004
 MM RACING PACKAGE DAYS (Click pictures to enlarge)

Love racing?  Love karting?

Of course you do!  Well, what if we offered you the opportunity to drive professional, national-level karts?  Sign me up, right?

MM Racing is proud to present their latest Karting School and Race Challenge package.  You will experience a four (4) hour Arrive-and-Drive, fast paced, event.  Our professional instructors guide you through the ins-and-outs of kart racing basics with hands on instructions, lead-and-follow sessions and time trials.  When you have completed the training, you will participate in an actual kart race for prizes and awards. 

We provide national level racing karts, safety equipment and top-notch instructors.  You supply the talent.

 May 2004

Thunderstorms threatened to cancel the race day, just like the previous weekend, but they held off.  Rob and Todd were anxious to get some seat time in the new chassis.  They hooked up direct-drive KT100 engines with Supercan exhaust on the MMR-TAG chassis and ran two heat races.  The 8 lap heats gave them enough seat time to make some adjustments.  Basically, they took the chassis out of the box, put it together and ran it with minor adjustment.  Todd ran into an issue in practice and went off road with the kart, but held it together and drove it back on the track.  It gave the kart, and the driver, a nice splattered mud design on the bodywork and he was forced to race the second heat and main event that way.

Results: Rob took 1st in each heat race and earned the pole position for the race, and Todd started 4th in the race.  Rob took 1st place in the Medium Supercan class and Todd finished 3rd.  Not too bad for the first time out in new karts!

General Note: A local TV station showed up for the practice laps and to support a charity event scheduled for next weekend.

Bottom Line: The guys at Jackson Speedway are great and the race day was a success.  If you know anyone that wants to get into racing come buy and at least watch the weekly Saturday morning events.  It is a blast!


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